Hey everyone and welcome to my blog. Well, if you have visited this page, you probably wanna know something about me, this blog and the reasons why I’m running it. Here are a few thoughts of mine on this point:

Every employer wants to hire a professional specialist in its case. Yet, modern educational system does not always allow one to become that skilled pro in four years. Lack of time, confidence, interest or simply knowledge make it quite hard for youth to achieve big goals in life. Knowing these and being one of the best in my senior year I haven`t questioned myself a single minute when decided to run a blog and write about education in the US. Moreover, I decided not to stop on this and blog more about writing itself. These regular questions of “How to write my paper?”, “What does it mean to state the main point?”, “How do I create thesis for my dissertation?”, “What`s the difference between paper-types?” and more occur quite often, and many students don`t know how to give a straight answer to them. My obligation is to make sure each of those in need get a hand from me and find a solution that will work for his/her task. Blogging about education is my life and I`m gladly inviting you to share it with me!

Yours, Russell Hill.