Reasons why you should care about your Dissertation


Many undergraduates do not see the value of a dissertation until the moment they get the thumbs up from the panel or committee that judges their defense. Before they arrive at that point, they are usually tired of all the research, data crunching, interviews, and research. Who would not say, “I hate my dissertation,” knowing that it takes more than just time to finish it?

Writing a dissertation is an impossible task for many, but someone who has passed the qualifications for a doctorate degree education is already in the big leagues. You are qualified to write it, so you must invest your time, energy, money, and effort into it.

You could always ask someone “help me write my thesis” or “do my dissertation.” In the end, it is your decision to make. Our advice is to be very particular about the type of help you ask for and always look at your dissertation closely while it is being done.

Why is your Dissertation so Valuable

Your dissertation is not just a ticket to getting a doctorate degree and PhD behind your name. It is also a body of work that will be added to the hundreds of thousands of dissertations that have helped make the world a better place.

If you choose to ignore the importance of your dissertation, the panel will see through it and kick you out of the room before you can even start your defense. The dissertation you make will be judged from the moment you submit your thesis statement and proposal until you discuss the findings.

Even while you are in class, your grades will reflect whether or not you are prepared to write your dissertation. This is why it is important for you to manage your time wisely and do you best to perfect your dissertation.

We are not just talking about the copious amount of text you will write. You need to collect information that is relevant to your field of study. You must ask real people to participate if needed. You must also read it over and over again to ensure that your dissertation is high in quality and worthy of being put in the university’s records, as well as the world archives.

Will your Topic be that Important to the Academic Community?

Of course it will. You cannot submit a topic that is bland or already overused. Your advisor will make sure of it. Even if it passes your advisors’ standards, the committee also has a say in the work you want to discuss. Think outside of the box and look for ideas that can make the world a better place.

Do your best to write a dissertation as if you already have a doctorate degree. That is the reason why you applied right? Because having a PhD means continuing to publish papers, do research, and compose dissertations that will make a huge impact on society.